Use less. Save more.

Earn rewards and save on your energy bill by signing up for the Connect To Save (BYOD) program.

What is the BYOD program? Why should you join? How does it work?

What is the Bring Your Own Device Program?

Connect To Save is a program where you can get rewarded just by enrolling your approved smart device.

Why Should You Join?

Customers who enroll in the Bring Your Own Device Program will receive a one-time enrollment incentive of $75 and an additional incentive of $25 at the end of the winter season.

How Does It Work?

Enrolling allows your electric cooperative to make brief changes to your smart thermostat or residential EV charger settings during times of peak energy demand. This helps limit the impact on the electrical grid during times of the day that the most energy is being used. For more information, please see our Frequently Asked Questions.

Are you ready to start saving?

Check to see if you qualify for the program.

Select the device you want to connect.

Enroll with your account information.

Get rewarded and start saving money.

Man and woman looking at a laptop while sitting on the couch, learning about Hoosier Energy's Connect To Save Program.

Do You Qualify?

If all of the statements apply to you, then you may be eligible to enroll your device in the Bring Your Own Device Program.

Have an approved smart device such as a thermostat or EV charger? See eligible devices.

Do you have a wi-fi network compatible with your smart device?

If enrolling a smart thermostat, do you have a working central air-conditioning unit?

Are you a residential customer?

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